Are you ready for your matchday?

You've bought your tickets and you're set to attend your match. Have you got everything ready?

Be prepared before you attend The Hundred. We want you to have the best experience possible at our venues so make sure you think ahead with everything you might need.

First thing is to make sure you've downloaded The Hundred App, and logged into to your account.

In the App, share your tickets with your friends and family who will be attending the game with you. Ensure that you have completed the Covid waiver questionnaire! After completing that, your QR code will appear for you. This is what we'll scan to get you into the venue.

Remember, the App is the only way to access your tickets. So check your phone's battery level before you leave home!

You won't want to miss any of the action, so be sure to sort your travel plans out beforehand! Check public transport timings for trains and buses before leaving. If you're driving, make sure you know where you can park.

You don’t want to leave home without the summer essentials. Sun cream, a hat and sunglasses - be safe in the sunshine. Refreshments are available in the ground but you can bring your own food and drink. A bottle of water on a hot day is never a bad idea!

Now you’re all set to attend The Hundred. Enjoy your experience!