Fixtures are divided into ‘Blocks’. There are 11 blocks in The Hundred competition.


Blocks typically start on a Tuesday, Friday and Sunday, and cover all of the fixtures within that time period.


Users can edit their virtual team until the start of the official start time of the first match of a block. In the event for any reason whatsoever, the first match starts later than the scheduled start time, the start time of the match on the Web Portal will remain the same as the original scheduled start time. 


Between blocks a user can make an unlimited number of transfers.


Block 1 - Starts Tuesday 1 August


Trent Rockets vs Southern Brave

Welsh Fire vs Manchester Originals

London Spirit vs Oval Invincibles

Northern Superchargers vs Birmingham Phoenix


Block 2 - Starts Friday 4 August


Southern Brave vs Welsh Fire

Manchester Originals vs London Spirit

Birmingham Phoenix vs Trent Rockets


Block 3 - Starts Sunday 6 August


Southern Brave vs Northern Superchargers

Oval Invincibles vs Welsh Fire

Manchester Originals vs Birmingham Phoenix


Block 4 - Starts Tuesday 8 August


London Spirit vs Southern Brave

Trent Rockets vs Northern Superchargers

Oval Invincibles vs Manchester Originals

Birmingham Phoenix vs Welsh Fire


Block 5 - Starts Friday 11 August


Northern Superchargers vs Oval Invincibles

London Spirit vs Trent Rockets

Welsh Fire vs Southern Brave


Block 6 - Starts Sunday 13 August


Northern Superchargers vs Manchester Originals

Birmingham Phoenix vs Oval Invincibles

Welsh Fire vs Trent Rockets


Block 7 - Starts Tuesday 15 August


Oval Invincibles vs London Spirit

Southern Brave vs Birmingham Phoenix

Trent Rockets vs Manchester Originals


Block 8 - Starts Friday 18 August


London Spirit vs Northern Superchargers

Trent Rockets v Birmingham Phoenix

Southern Brave vs Oval Invincibles


Block 9 - Starts Sunday 20 August


Manchester Originals vs Northern Superchargers

Welsh Fire vs London Spirit

Oval Invincibles vs Trent Rockets


Block 10 - Starts Tuesday 22 August


Northern Superchargers vs Welsh Fire

Manchester Originals vs Southern Brave

Birmingham Phoenix vs London Spirit


Block 11 - Starts Saturday 26 August





Selecting your Squad


Squad Size


To play The Hundred Fantasy game you must choose a squad of 14 players from a pool of The Hundred players across both the men’s and women’s competitions.


You must select 7 men and 7 women in your squad.


You will select 11 starting players and three substitutes in your squad.


There are no limits as to the number of overseas players you can pick or limits to the number of players you can pick from any one team.


You will select a Captain and a Vice Captain for your squad.


Each of The Hundred players is attributed a playing role (batter, all rounder, wicket keeper or bowler) and your squad must contain some of all player roles:


1. 3 (minimum) to 6 (maximum) players classified as ‘batters’;

2. 1 (minimum) to 4 (maximum) players classified as ‘all-rounder’;

3. 1 (minimum) to 4 (maximum) players classified as ‘wicket-keeper’;

4. 3 (minimum) to 6 (maximum) players classified as ‘bowlers’.


Credits Available


All of The Hundred players are given a credit score at the outset of the competitions. This credit score will not change throughout the competition and will remain fixed.


You have 100 credits to use to select your squad of 14 players. 


If a player is replaced in the competition, a new player may be added in their place with a credit score assigned to them.




The three substitutes will be ordered from Substitute 1 to Substitute 3. This order will decide how they enter the game if a player does not compete within the block. 


Ie. If Player X doesn’t play within Block 1, they will be replaced by Substitute 1.


Captains and Vice Captains


You must choose a Captain and Vice Captain for your squad.


A Captain receives double points and a Vice Captain receives 1.5x points.


If your Captain or Vice-Captain does not compete within the block, the substitute that replaces them will not receive double or 1.5x points.




Public Leagues


All users will be entered into two leagues:


• The Hundred League – this is a league for all players

• The Hundred Fan Leagues – this is a league for all fans who support a certain team from The Hundred:


• Birmingham Phoenix Fan League

• London Spirit Fan League

• Manchester Originals Fan League

• Northern Superchargers Fan League

• Oval Invincibles Fan League

• Southern Brave Fan League

• Trent Rockets Fan League

• Welsh Fire Fan League


Private Leagues


Users may choose to create their own private leagues.


Each private league will be assigned a league invite code which may be obtained by any member in the league.


A user can enter into a maximum of 50 private leagues.


The creator of the private league has the option to remove any users within the league. In the event the administrator of the league decides to leave the league, the next user who has joined the league will automatically be appointed as the administrator.


Points Scoring


Batting Points


Run | +1


Boundary Bonus | +1


Six Bonus | +2


30 Run Bonus | +5


50 Bonus | +10


100 Bonus | +20


Dismissal for 0 | -2


Any player scoring a hundred will only get the +20 points for the hundred. This will not include their 30 and 50 bonus.


If any runs are scored on an overthrow, points will be awarded for all of those runs to the batter on strike for that ball. However the batter will not receive an additional boundary bonus if the overthrow goes for a boundary.


Bowling Points


Wicket (Excluding a Run Out) | +25


Bonus (LBW/Bowled) | +8


2 Wicket Bonus | +3


3 Wicket Bonus | +5


4 Wicket Bonus | +10


5 Wicket Bonus | +20


Maiden | +12


Any player taking 5 wickets will only get the points for the 5 Wicket Bonus and no points will be awarded to them for the 2, 3 or 4 Wicket Bonuses.


Fielding Points


Catch | +8


3 Catch Bonus | +4


Stumping | +12


Run Out (Direct Hit) | +12


Run Out (Not a Direct Hit) | +6


A direct hit is when the fielder is the only person to touch the ball after the batter faces a delivery. In all other cases, points will be awarded to the last 2 fielders that touch the ball.


Players who take more than 3 catches will also get 4 points as 3 Catch Bonus. For example, if a player takes 6 catches, they will only score +4 points.


Other Points


Captain | 2x Points


Vice-Captain | 1.5x Points


In Announced Line Up | +4 Points


Concussion and COVID-19 substitutes will be awarded 4 points for making an appearance and will be awarded all points as per the overall point system.


If a player is announced in the starting line up but is unable to start the match, they will not score the In Announced Line Up points.


If a match is abandoned, both before the start time or during the match, no points will be awarded to any players.