Harry Brook to captain Superchargers in 2024

Star batter takes the role for 2024 Men's Competition

Northern Superchargers' star batter Harry Brook has been appointed captain for the 2024 edition of The Hundred.

Brook will take charge with last year's captain Wayne Parnell not retained at Headingley.

The Hundred has produced some stellar performances from Brook, not least in the team's final match of 2023. Brook scored a magnificent hundred from just 41 balls and was involved in an other-worldly relay catch on the boundary edge.

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Harry Brook hits a six to reach third Men's Competition hundred!


Brook said:

"It’s an honour to captain Northern Superchargers, and I’m really excited for it. It’s always special to play at Headingley and to represent the area, and to do that as captain in The Hundred this year will be extra special.

I really like the look of the squad we’ve formed and I think there’s a lot to be excited about. I can’t wait to work with [head coach] Freddie [Flintoff] and the rest of the group, and hopefully it’ll be a year to remember."