The Hundred release new playing kits for 2023

The sporting event of the summer gets its latest makeover, with each team sporting sustainable New Balance kits this August

The Hundred has today released new playing kits as it gears up for the third year of the competition.

The New Balance kits, which are made from 100% recycled materials and fully recyclable, are as vibrant as ever, designed to showcase each team identity after two years in the competition.

The new kits will be on display first in the opening game of the competition, a double-header at Trent Bridge between Trent Rockets and Southern Brave on Tuesday 1 August.

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The Hundred drop eight new-look kits for 2023



“These new kits are brilliant, they really make a statement. We’re heading into the third year of the competition looking good and feeling good, and we’re ready to put the new kits to good use out on the pitch. What I really love about them is that they’re all made of 100% recycled materials, and they’re all fully recyclable. We need to be making conscious choices to be kinder to the planet so it’s a big win to see that’s been factored into the design of these kits.”

You can buy your favourite team’s fresh new look here.

The Hundred returns this August. The action-packed, unmissable cricket competition fuses world-class cricket with blockbuster entertainment. 

Combining a short, fast format of cricket, with each game lasting less than three hours, and incredible entertainment beyond the sport, The Hundred is making cricket more accessible and reaching a broader audience.

Tickets are selling fast and are available here, with prices set at £5 for juniors aged 6-15, free for children five and under, and adults starting from £12.