London Spirit partners with TFL to create exclusive merchandise

An exclusive range of pre-match tops celebrating London

At London Spirit, we love celebrating the iconic, and nothing epitomises the nation’s capital better than Transport for London (TfL). We’ve partnered with TfL to proudly present an exclusive range of pre-match tops that celebrates the best of this global city – where trends are born, not followed.

The collection is available to purchase online or at all London Spirit home fixtures. The top draws inspiration from the London Underground's unique tiled walls which are featured in stations across the city. These designs were implemented to help commuters during the London Underground’s infancy recognise the station they had arrived at. Today, these designs are mesmerising with their illusion-like qualities inspiring a unique shirt pattern that truly belongs to the London Spirit team.

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The world famous Underground map is featured across the top while embedded in each tile are the TfL Roundel and London Spirits logos of Passion, Eclecticism, and Togetherness. The top represents the connection that commuters, sports fans, and tourists all share when using the London Underground.

The collection includes a pre-match top, a training jacket, and a range of TfL-inspired London Spirit merchandise.