How does The Hundred Men's Draft 2021 work?

Everything you need to know about The Hundred Men's Draft 2021. Find out here.

The Hundred Draft is coming. Confused about what’s going to happen? That’s okay. We’re going to help you to understand it all.

Ready? Let’s go.


Each men's team had a squad of 15 players, selected originally for 2020. Among each 15 was one England red-ball contracted player, and 14 Drafted players. Teams were permitted a maximum of three overseas players.

For 2021, the structure stays the same. But each team could choose who they wanted to keep from their original picks. This was done in three stages.

The first stage was England player retention. Here, every England red-ball contracted player was either kept by their original team, or moved to another team.

With us so far? Good, onto the next stage.

Stage two was the Player Retention Window. Teams could retain any of their originally Drafted players, if both player and team agreed. Anyone not retained was released…

…into the Draft pool. And The Draft is stage three. 

Player selection for The Hundred in 2021 is a three step process

Player selection for The Hundred in 2021 is a three step process


The Draft itself will take place on Monday 22nd February, behind closed doors. 

We will then be announcing each of the completed squads on Tuesday 23rd February.

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The Hundred Draft player reveal is coming

The Hundred Draft 2021 is coming. Get ready to find out the full list of men's squads.



Each team has some gaps in its squad. These will be filled during The Draft. 

Selections in The Draft will take place in the following order:

1. Birmingham Phoenix
2. London Spirit
3. Manchester Originals
4. Oval Invincibles
5. Welsh Fire
6. Northern Superchargers
7. Southern Brave
8. Trent Rockets

This is the reverse of the pick order for the October 2019 Draft. 

There will be seven rounds to complete each squad. Mid-round, the selection order will reverse. And where a team has already retained a player in that round, their turn will be skipped. 

For example, Birmingham Phoenix will get the first pick for round two. But their retentions mean their next pick comes at the start of round six. 

Each head coach will have 100 seconds to make their selection. The pressure is on!

The Hundred men's squads are ready for the Men's Draft.

The Hundred men's squads are ready for the Men's Draft.


Round 1: £100,000
Round 2: £80,000
Round 3: £60,000
Round 4: £48,000
Round 5: £40,000
Round 6: £32,000
Round 7: £24,000

Every player who enters into the Draft pool will have a reserve price. They cannot be bought for less than this. But if a team wants to splash the cash and spend more than a player’s reserve price on him, they can.

Here’s another complicated bit, so take a deep breath.

Each team has a ‘Right to Match’ option. This is only relevant to players who had a 2020 team, but were not retained. If a different team wishes to sign that player, his 2020 team can stop this by guaranteeing him the same salary band as his new suitors. Each team may only do this for one player, and only if they have an available slot at that salary band.

Jos Buttler is among the players retained by Manchester Originals.

Jos Buttler is among the players retained by Manchester Originals.


•    Each team have the opportunity for a final ‘Wildcard’ pick
•    Chosen before The Hundred 2021 begins
•    Wildcard players will receive the lowest salary band


Congratulations! You now know how The Draft will work. 

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