How to buy tickets for The Hundred

Ready to get your tickets for the summer's blockbuster sporting event?

Tickets for The Hundred will go on sale during the first few months 2023. If you'll be looking to buy for the first time, read on to see how to do it!

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Tickets for The Hundred in 2023 will launch in four ticket windows.

Window one is for First-Class County members, who can purchase from Tuesday 14 March.

Window two is the Rebuy Window. If you bought a ticket in either of the past two years, you can get a 2023 ticket from Wednesday 15 March.

Window three is Priority Access. Sign up to The Hundred today and, whether you've attended before or not, from Wednesday 5 April, you can buy 2023 tickets.

And window four is General Sale - very simply, if you want a ticket, from Thursday 20 April, you can buy one!

Click here for more info on sales windows

So, in order to buy tickets, you'll need to sign up. To do that, just follow the simple steps:

  1. Sign up here
  2. Enter your information into the sign up form, then click ‘Next’
  3. Choose your Marketing Preferences by ticking the appropriate boxes. You must also read and accept the data privacy policy
  4. Click ‘REGISTER’ and you’ll be redirected to the homepage
  5. You will now have an email asking you “Activate your Account” – open the email and click the ‘Activate Account’ button.
  6. This link will let you select a password and a security question, in case you ever get locked out of your account.
  7. Once you submit that, you’ll be redirected to the homepage
  8. You may now log in!

Once you're signed up, you’ll need to log in to your account on The Hundred website and visit the Tickets page. 

If you meet the criteria for the sales window which is open at the time you access the page, you’ll be able to buy tickets for the matches of your choice.

If you have any further questions, head to our FAQs page.