Kalea Moore wins Play of the Competition

The 18-year-old's wicket of Stafanie Taylor was chosen by the fans.

Kalea Moore was only five years old when Stafanie Taylor made her international debut. The Hundred not only gave the pair the chance to play against each other but enabled Moore to get the West Indian out.

The 16 best moments that were named by the fans as Play of the Day during The Hundred were placed randomly in the bracket for Play of the Competition.

From there, through three rounds, we were left with just two candidates in the final. 

Tim David's magnificent, pinpoint throw in the Men's Final, running out Liam Livingstone, emerged as runner-up.

It was Moore's stunning ball to Taylor that won. Moore beat Taylor with a lack of pace as the batter came down the pitch to try and hit big, and the ball spun in sharply and hit the stumps. 

Moore had played only two previous matches in The Hundred, and only had one wicket - that of Danni Wyatt in the same match against Southern Brave. What a moment.

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18-year-old Kalea Moore bowls Stafanie Taylor