When can I buy tickets for The Hundred?

Tickets for summer 2023's blockbuster sporting event will go on sale next year. Take a look at the 2022 windows to see when you might be able to get access!

Fans have loved their experience at The Hundred since it began in 2021. And whether you're a superfan who's been to all of your team's matches, or you want to attend for the first time, you'll get the chance in 2023.

Not only does this promise to be a fantastic summer of sport, but we’re making it affordable for you and your family, as adult tickets start at £10 while six to 15-year-olds start at as little as £5 with kids five and under going free. Click here to find out more about ticket prices.

How it feels to get your tickets for The Hundred!

How it feels to get your tickets for The Hundred!

There are plenty of benefits to each of the windows. Cast your eye across each of them, and keep them in mind as you may meet the requirements to enjoy the benefits in 2023!


Existing members from any of the 18 first-class counties had first go at tickets. Access to matches at your local ground was available from Tuesday 22 February 2022. Check the list below to see which team you have access to.

Birmingham Phoenix – Warwickshire, Worcestershire
London Spirit – Middlesex, Essex, Northamptonshire
Manchester Originals - Lancashire
Northern Superchargers – Yorkshire, Durham
Oval Invincibles – Surrey, Kent
Southern Brave – Hampshire, Sussex
Trent Rockets – Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire
Welsh Fire – Glamorgan, Somerset, Gloucestershire


Fans who were part of The Hundred get an early opportunity to buy tickets again for the following year.

Anyone who bought tickets in 2021 was able to do so again from Wednesday 23 February 2022.

If you came to a match in 2022, you'll get first go in this window!

It’s slightly different if you weren’t a ticket buyer. If you attended The Hundred with family or friends, but one of them bought all of your group’s tickets, you were able to buy tickets from Thursday 24 February 2022. However, you needed to have created an account before attending, and have had your ticket shared with you. Info on how to do that is available here.


If you’re not signed up to The Hundred, what are you waiting for? You’ll get all the latest news and updates straight into your inbox, but it can also act as your preparation for 2023.

Creating a new account gave you access from Tuesday 5 April 2022.

Anyone who took advantage got early bird prices, meaning you paid less than ticket buyers in the general sale window.

Not only that, but the earlier you buy, the more ticket options you had available.

Plus, no matter when you get your tickets, you’ll need to sign up. So, you might as well do it as early as possible!

Remember, if you don't yet have an account, create one now! You'll get all those benefits when it comes to buying tickets in 2023.


Our final ticket window opened on Wednesday 20 April 2022, and it's simple: general sale! That means anyone who wanted tickets could simply sign up and buy one!