What is The Hundred Deadline Day?

All you need to know about Deadline Day for The Hundred in 2024!

Deadline Day is coming on Thursday 29 February 2024!

So, what exactly does that mean? Well, we've got all of the information you need!

What is Deadline Day?

Deadline Day is the cut off for teams to retain players from their 2023 squads.

Men's teams can keep 10 players from last years teams, while Women's teams can retain eight of their players.

But teams do not have to use all of their retention slots!

They could save some of their squad places to secure more players in The Hundred Draft, Powered by Sage.

For all of the information on the selection process, head here.

Who can be retained?

Are you hoping that your favourite player will stick with your team for 2024?

A reminder of the 2023 squads

Men's England Player Retentions

Teams will be able to retain one England Men's Centrally Contracted player, from the list of England's 17 Centrally Contracted players. This single player becomes the 16th member of the squad. They will receive the top salary band.

Other players from the list of 17 can then be signed as a domestic player at any salary band. 

How can I find out who is retained?

Retentions will be confirmed on thehundred.com and The Hundred's social media channels.