Who can qualify for The Hundred Eliminator?

One match remains for each of the teams. Who will qualify for the knockout stage? Find out here.

Firstly, a quick explanation of how the Group Stage qualification works. The winner goes through to the Final, and second and third place play in the Eliminator. That's straightforward. But how are the positions decided when teams are level on points?

That would be net run rate. It's calculated automatically in our standings, so you don't have to get the calculators out yourselves. However, if you're interested in how it's worked out, it is fairly simple. 

All that happens is we take the number of runs scored by the team, and divide it by the number of five-ball sets they faced. Then we subtract the same calculation for the number of runs conceded by the team. Let's see an example (and we promised no calculators, but feel free to use yours to follow this).

So after seven matches, Southern Brave Women have scored 818 runs in 118 sets of five balls. They have conceded 765 runs in 129 sets of five balls. That means our calculation is as follows:

(818/118) - (765/129) = 1.00197083169 (rounded up to 1.002)

Again, don't worry. You'll never need to even think about this maths. But hopefully now you understand how it works, because net run rate will probably play a part in deciding qualification. Now, let's see how everyone can get through.

Women's Competition

Women's Competition table after seven matches

Women's Competition table after seven matches


Trent Rockets v Manchester Originals (Sunday 15 August)
Southern Brave v Oval Invincibles (Monday 16 August)
Northern Superchargers v Birmingham Phoenix (Tuesday 17 August)
Welsh Fire v London Spirit (Wednesday 18 August)

Southern Brave

Six wins from seven matches. They're qualified for the Final. Job done until Lord's on August 21.

Oval Invincibles

If they avoid defeat to Southern Brave, they are through. Defeat at The Ageas Bowl would open the door for Northern Superchargers and Trent Rockets.

Northern Superchargers and Trent Rockets

This is where net run rate might come into play, because these two teams are level on points. Rockets' net run rate is 0.261 worse than the Superchargers.

If both teams were to win, the deciding factor against Invincibles would be the net run rate. This means that each side will need to secure victory by a significant enough margin to finish above the other.

Superchargers have the numerical advantage and the scheduling advantage. They play Birmingham Phoenix on Tuesday, while Rockets play Manchester Originals on Sunday.

This means that if Rockets win, Superchargers will know by exactly how much they must win. 

If both teams lose, it will open the door for Phoenix and London Spirit.

Birmingham Phoenix and London Spirit

Once again, it's net run rate to decide between these two currently. Phoenix are 0.446 ahead, so Spirit have a lot of work to do. But both are relying on other results.

Spirit feature in the final match of the Group stage, at Welsh Fire. It means they could head to Cardiff knowing they're eliminated, but if results fall their way then they'll know exactly their task.

Those results they need: a Rockets defeat, and an extremely narrow victory for Phoenix. Spirit would then need to utterly demolish Fire to jump into third place.

It's slightly simpler for Phoenix, but not necessarily easier. They must hope Rockets lose, and then win their match in as few balls as possible.


Manchester Originals and Welsh Fire cannot qualify. 

Men's Competition

Men's Competition table after seven matches

Men's Competition table after seven matches


Trent Rockets v Manchester Originals (Sunday 15 August)
Southern Brave v Oval Invincibles (Monday 16 August)
Northern Superchargers v Birmingham Phoenix (Tuesday 17 August)
Welsh Fire v London Spirit (Wednesday 18 August)

Birmingham Phoenix

Victory at Trent Bridge on Friday night secured qualification for Phoenix. All they need to do to guarantee themselves a place in the final is beat Superchargers.

If they fail to do that, then only a rained off match or a tie between Invincibles and Brave will see them top the Group Stage.

Oval Invincibles and Southern Brave

It's a potential crunch match at The Ageas Bowl. All eyes first of all will be on Trent Bridge. If Rockets fail to beat Originals, then both sides can progress.

However, if Rockets win, it means only one of Invincibles and Brave can go through. Provided there is a winner in Southampton, that team will qualify.

Trent Rockets

Barring the points being shared from a tie or washout at The Ageas Bowl, Rockets have their fate in their own hands. Beat Originals on Sunday and they will move into the top three.

Probably best to do that by a big margin to ensure they have a better net run rate, too.

Northern Superchargers

Fate very much not in their hands. The first thing to highlight is that Superchargers have an absurdly good net run rate, at least 0.700 better than any of the three teams directly above them. That could come in very handy.

The problem is that they're relying on other results for it to matter. So, they need Rockets to lose on Sunday. There has to be a winner at Southampton on Monday, leaving one of Invincibles or Brave on nine points and ripe for the taking. And Superchargers then have to win their final match.


Manchester Originals, Welsh Fire and London Spirit cannot qualify.