Sustainability at The Hundred

Find out what The Hundred is doing to make the competition sustainable.

The Hundred is committed to supporting and promoting environmental sustainability.  

While we recognise that we are only at the start of our journey around sustainability, as we begin our third year of the competition, we know we have a platform to help inspire change. 

That is why we are supporting this summer’s Sky Zero campaign to highlight the green options that our venues will make available for you on matchdays. You can find out more about the Sky Zero campaign here. 

The Hundred is partnered with Sky Zero

The Hundred is partnered with Sky Zero

As part of our commitment to a more sustainable future we will be using this year to better understand our carbon footprint and how we can reduce it. 

This is the first year that The Hundred will go ahead under normal conditions, without the requirement for extra Covid-19 safety measures which meant adjustments to the way we would normally deliver the competition. We can now start to measure our carbon footprint and then get to work on reducing it. 

You can find the sustainable choices available to you on a matchday, including travel, water and food consumption, on the venue information pages on our website and in The Hundred App.

We know that sustainable choices are important to many of you and we are committed to providing you with as much information as possible so that you can make the changes, no matter how big or small, that collectively will make a difference. 

We know that we’ve got a long way to go but we are starting on that journey now because Every Action Counts to tackle climate change. 

Here are the actions we’re taking this year to make The Hundred more sustainable: 


We will do a benchmarking exercise at four representative matchdays of The Hundred. This will include capturing data in relation to utilities, amenities, catering, waste and travel. 

If you’re coming to The Hundred, we’ll also ask you some questions in our post-match survey about any sustainable choices you made on the day, and your experience of that, to help with our understanding.  

We will use this to set out a long-term plan to improve our sustainability as a competition. 


All players will be provided with a water bottle and encouraged to use water dispensing units which will be placed across player facilities, to minimise the use of single-use plastic. 

Similarly, all staff working on the event will also be given a Hundred water bottle and encouraged to use water fountains. 


Each team playing in The Hundred is provided with a dedicated coach and this is encouraged as the primary mode of transport to site. We will also measure the use of team coach travel and associated mileage during the competition as part of our benchmarking exercise. 

We are also providing a daily coach service for use by colleagues working on The Hundred, and we are encouraging use of this and/or train travel rather than individual car travel to venues, wherever possible.


We’ve reviewed every supplier we’re working with to deliver the event presentation on a matchday, to understand their practices, and we’re measuring the impact of their delivery on our carbon footprint. 

We will use this insight to adjust and improve our ways of working in 2023 and beyond. 


We know that Pyrotechnics is a particular area of interest for fans of The Hundred, following feedback. We work with Pains to provide our pyrotechnic displays on a matchday and they have put some specific policies in place to reduce the environmental impact of their people, activities and operations. 

Pains fully offset the carbon emissions of their displays through tree plantation. You can find out more about how they do this here. 

One of the biggest areas of impact is travel between venues, so Pains use modern, fuel efficient vehicles and plan their crew and equipment movements across the season to reduce overall mileage. 

Finally, we are exploring with them the possibility of switching from standard LPG to Bio LPG to power their flame systems, which will reduce the carbon system from this element by 15%. 


Single use plastic and the reduction of the use of non-recyclable cardboard and plastic is an important area of focus for The Hundred and its commercial partners. 

KP Snacks will continue their ‘Taste for Good’ programme which details a number of pledges before 2025. It has a three-stage commitment around reduction in packaging and recycling of that packaging used. The Hundred is investigating further ways to work with KP Snacks to widen the positive impact of the programme. 

Robinsons, The Hundred’s Official Soft Drink, will only promote their 500ml Ready-to-drink range which uses 100% recycled polyethylene terephthalate (rPET).  

During our planning for 2023, we have worked with New Era to investigate moving as much of our range to their Repreve fabric as possible. This fibre is made from recycled bottles, ensuring their products are traceable, transparent, and as environmentally friendly as possible.