Women's Player Selection

Teams in The Hundred Women's Competition have a bespoke selection process. Ahead of the 2022 competition, here's how it worked in 2021.

  • The Hundred Women’s Competition in 2021 featured eight teams and the best players in the world
  • Squads of 15 players
  • All players able to re-sign for the same team as 2021

Stage One - England

All teams had a two-week window to retain a maximum of two centrally contracted England players from their 2021 squad list. Where teams had more than two players who are contracted by England as of 1 December, they must release these additional players. 

This window took place between 1 December and 14 December. 

Stage Two - Retention

The second stage is all about keeping the rest of the squad. This window ran between 15 December and 31 January.

During this window, teams could retain any of their overseas and domestic players from 2021. This includes players who withdrew before the competition, and any replacement players.

Alongside this ran an open market system for non-retained England contracted players. The completed squads are permitted a maximum of three England players, so if a team began with three England players, and was forced to release one in Stage One, they could at this point sign them again.

Each squad is allowed a maximum of three overseas players. 

Captain Heather Knight is among the England players who can be retained

Captain Heather Knight is among the England players who can be retained

Stage Three - Open Market

The final stage is an open market, for any unretained or unsigned players. Simply put, any player who wants to play in The Hundred in 2022 but does not yet have a team - this is the time to sign them.

Stage three runs from 1 February until 30 June. 

Which teams will

be picked?

The eight teams align directly with the teams competing in the Men’s Competition:  

  • Birmingham Phoenix
  • London Spirit
  • Manchester Originals
  • Northern Superchargers
  • Oval Invincibles
  • Southern Brave
  • Trent Rockets
  • Welsh Fire

How are the men’s

teams picked?

The process for selection in the Men's Competition can be found here

When does The Hundred start?

The Women's Competition will start on 11 August. This is later than the Men's Competition, which begins on 3 August, to avoid clashing with women's cricket being in the Commonwealth Games. Click here for all of 2022's fixtures

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